Drainage Problems Your Home Could Face

Having water where you do not want it can cause significant damage to your home. Whether that water is pooling in your backyard or on your driveway or finding its way into your basement or crawl space, a whole host of problems can come along with that water that jeopardize your home’s aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. Water problems can even make your home an unsafe place to be. In order to eliminate the dangers associated with drainage problems and excess water, your only real solution is to contact an expert in drainage to come up with an effective solution for you. In order to do this, however, you should educate yourself about some of the drainage problems you may face in your home and learn a little bit about why these drainage issues could cost you.

It can be tempting to ignore drainage problems or water problems, especially if they are occurring somewhere out of site like in your basement. However, it is important to take prompt action to any drainage problem. To better understand why, consider some of these drainage problems and the reasons why they can create issues in the home:

• Basement drainage. A leaky basement can be caused by foundation cracks, problems with the concrete block walls, pressure and moisture from the earth above and a whole host of other causes. A leaky basement is bad news because the damp, wet area becomes an inviting home to insects including termites who may decide to move in. Bacteria, mold and mildew growth are all also encouraged by a damp basement and can present significant health hazards in the home, especially if there is anyone in your house with respiratory problems such as asthma.

• Crawl Space drainage issues. The crawl space is similar to the basement, but is typically space that is more unfinished under your foundation where no basement was poured. Like the basement, this crawl space can be susceptible to water problems and, like the basement, those problems can spread outside of the crawl space and into other areas of your home. For instance, mold or mildew in the crawl space could get into your home’s HVAC system and the mold and mildew spores could be spread everywhere in your home.

• Ponding water in the yard. If water pools in any location in your yard or in your driveway where it doesn’t belong, this is a sign of a drainage issue that must be corrected. The pooling water can damage your patio or driveway surface or cause the soil in your garden to erode or wear away, depending upon where the drainage problem is. In addition, the ponding water can be unsightly, can be a hazard to people walking in your yard who might slip on the water, and can attract mosquitoes and other bugs that make being around your home unpleasant.

These are just a few examples of drainage issues that you may encounter in your home. These issues can occur anywhere and should be dealt with promptly by experienced professionals who can help to make your water problems go away.